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A warm and welcoming greeting from Amarisa Well Womon.

During Corona Virus Pandemic we are offering all our services online so that we are fulfilling our duty in keeping everyone safe and healthy.  These sessions are equally as effective if not better due to the current situation.  More than ever we need to support each other and be a source of comfort, clarity, and calmness.

Please do get in touch with me on how we can work together on your wellbeing journey.  

Please take care and stay safe.

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Arty Amarisa

I am delighted to welcome you to Amarisa Well Woman. My name is Arty Amarisa and my primary purpose is to hold a safe space for you to feel supported on your journey of womanhood.


My calling is to empower woman of all ages going through emotional upheaval which may be due to reproductive health, fertility, pregnancy, baby loss and menopause. 

The transformation tools and techniques I use include Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Birth Reimprinting, Compassionate Mind Training, Emotional Freedom Technique, Fertile Body Method, Hypnosis, Picture Tapping Technique, Reproductive (fertility) reflexology, Vegan Nutrition, Visualisation, Well Woman Yoga and Womb and Fertility Massage.  All of this I can offer online


The clients who are drawn to working with me are those who have health conditions such as amenorrhea (absence of periods) endometriosis, fear of childbirth, fibroids, painful and irregular periods, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), secondary infertility and unexplained infertility.

My offerings help cope with the grief and loss of a baby whether it is through miscarriage, still birth or termination.

Some of my clients come with their children who are experiencing emotional upheaval in school or in their family network. 

Our entrance in this creation is a pivotal point in our life so I offer Harmony in Birth for my pregnant clients to create a relaxing environment to invite their baby in this world.

I also offer Birth Reimprinting sessions to those who want to revisit their own birth or the birth of their child to heal any associated trauma.

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Baby Loss


Menopause Wisdom

Arty Amarisa

Arty Amarisa

Qualified Courage Coach and Woman's Health Holistic Practitioner and Educator

Arty’s helps women during their entire spectrum of transformations right from conception till she takes her last breaths.  She has over 15 years of experience in complementary and psychological techniques with a first-class degree in Psychology.    She is the Director of the Fertile Body Method facilitating fertility training to health professionals.  Her aim is to help women create an optimum fertile state using evidence-based techniques. 

Arty is a member of EFT and Mindfulness Centre, EFT International, Fertile Body Method, Association of Reflexologists, Association of Reproductive Reflexologists and the Bach Flower International Register. She is constantly attending courses and keeping her knowledge up to date.


Arti is a very sweet and understanding person . Have known her since many years and her words are very soothing to the soul. You already feel half healed just by meeting or talking to her . Would 100% recommend her . Love and light 

Sonia LK

Arty is a beautiful woman, inside and out and had a true gift in the healing arts. She takes such immense care of her clients (and students) and everything about her expresses her gentleness of her essence and understanding of the human experience. I know Arty professionally as a colleague and I have also been lucky enough to witness her work. Her clients are indeed very lucky to connect with such a gifted, professional and talented lady. A truly lovely person to know and trust.

Sue Ricks

“I booked the consultation as I wanted to meet with someone to support me on my fertility journey. I hoped to achieve in conceiving as I had been trying for a couple of years and had 2 failed IUI’s and 2 failed IVF’s along with other treatments. I felt I needed to refocus my direction in the form of a massage and mindfulness.I would say Arty is amazing in every way. I met Arty last January and conceived in February, I had a baby girl in November. I would have still left a review if I didn’t convince, as with either way, Arty made me feel good about myself. However, I strongly believe I conceived after my sessions with Arty.From the minute I spoke to Arty I found her incredibly calming and relaxing. She reassured me straight away and was honest and open with me. The room spelt nice and felt relaxing. I remember crying in my first session but it was because I felt at ease around arty and I knew I had made the right choice in visiting her. The massage was brilliant and Arty’s approach and tone of voice was just what I needed.I would say she’s very easy to talk to, she was non judgmental, she shown a lot of empathy and she had time for me. She is caring and it felt more than just a service, it felt as though Arty really wanted the best for me opposed to a fee paying service. She really is a special woman and I am so grateful for her.I fell pregnant!!!!! I still cannot believe it. I will always believe it was down to Arty.Thank you Arty, you are amazing at what you do. Continue being caring, showing empathy and an honest woman, these are all the reasons why I have recommended you so many times. “


“Arty is very professional, passionate, personable, and knowledgeable in the many things she’s is trained to do. Since going to Arty for fertility refelexology my menstral cycles have improved including my wellbeing, therefore improving my imbalanced hormones. During treatment she has informed me about the times where I was ovulating and about other aspects of my body that felt imbalanced giving advice from this to improve my all round health. She has provided fertility advice such as supplements and charting using Ovusense, which I would never have known about. I truely look forward to having the therapy and fully recommend Arty as a practioner to others. She is amazing!”


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