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How Birthlight Yoga classes in Birmingham are suitable for all trimesters of pregnancy. | Amarisa Well Woman

Birthlight yoga has numerous benefits for every state of pregnancy. During the first trimester a woman is up to 14 to 16 weeks pregnant. The focus of yoga is to provide a safe space for mummy to rest, relax, breath and poses for common complaints such as relief from heartburn, fatigue and lower back pain. The benefits woman gain from yoga at this stage is to self nurture herself by having the physical and emotional support for the adaptation to change of pregnancy specially if it is the first baby. In addition the yogic practices help to support implantation and the formation of the placenta. Therefore the yogic practices used are relaxation, yoga nidra, grounding and centering poses, pawanmuktasana series, visualization, pranayama, nada yoga and mantra, tratak and mudras.

The second trimester of pregnancy is when a woman is 14/16 to 33 weeks pregnant. During the second trimester of pregnancy the focus of the yoga is to strengthen, energise, expand the breath capacity, lengthen the exhalation, build the connection with the baby, respond to postural changes and emotional support. The benefits that the mother will gain is strengthening of muscles that support the baby, belt and braces under and above the growing uterus. In addition mummy will feel more energetic, improved breathing capacity, connection with the baby, adaptation to postural changes, awareness of the pelvic floor muscles which will be the birthing muscles and emotional support. Therefore yoga posses will include some modification of tradittonal yoga asanas sitting, on all fours and standing such as triangle (trikonasana) and tree (vrksasana), modified sun salutation and different walks.

The third trimester of pregnancy is when a woman is 33 to 40/42 weeks pregnant. The benefit of yoga for the woman is that she will feel the ability to release, to let go, to manage minor ailments, she will feel prepared for birth, be familiar with birthing breath and more importantly feel prepared for motherhood. The focus on yoga will be to let go, stretching lower back and birthing muscles, energise, birthing birth, preparation for motherhood, birthing positions and opening pelvis positions.