Bach Rescue Remedy Night Drops are strongly recommended for sleeplessness and anxiety.  They are a traditional herbal remedy.
Rescue Remedy contains a combination of natural flower essences which is a source of a soothing homeopathic alternative to treatments for lack of sleep.   These drops are available without alcohol and the whole family can take them.  They is also night liquid melts which comes in a form of capsules.
The ingredients include the flower essences rock rose, clematis, star of Bethlehem, cherry plum and white chestnut.  In particular white chestnut is thought to have a powerful effect to relax and calm the mind, prevent repetitive stressful thoughts and help it switch off after a busy day.    Overall these essences help promote a good night’s sleep.  The remedy are available in chemists such as boots or can be ordered online from websites such as amazon.
In addition to above a session of reflexology with auricular acupuncture is very effective to help restore sleep patterns.  There are points in your feet and ears which balance your body and help you relax.  This in turns enhances your body’s ability to into a deep state of relaxation.  If you have not tried reflexology before book an appointment with us.  Click here for my contact details.