There has been some research carried out in reference to woman’s health which has demonstrated that reflexology helps with the below

  • Reduction of intensity and duration of menstrual pain¹
  • Improvement of sleep and psychological ratings associated with PMS²
  • Reduction of anxiety³

Statistics indicate that one in six couples face issues when trying for a baby and these numbers are increasing. The reason for this is often due to the frustration woman find themselves in of not been giving the specific cause of the infertility. They are often told it is unexplained fertility and they should relax.  Many woman have found that the ancient art of reflexology can make a difference and help reduce their stress. Many woman believe that regular treatments helped them become pregnant.  Arty has trained with Barbara Scott who is the founder of Seren Natural Fertility and the author of the best selling book Reflexology for Fertility. This training involves certain protocols that can be used alongside natural conception as well as assisted reproduction such as IVF, ICSI and ICU.


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