Being national infertility week, there are five blog articles I will be publishing daily to help create awareness about the difficulties one goes through trying to bring a baby into this creation.  I’m also running lives on my Facebook page Amarisa Well Woman at 5pm GMT time which I will later upload onto you tube.  

We are living in turbulent times at this moment and we do not know how life is going to plan out. Currently, the world is experiencing the pandemic of COVID 19 which simply adds to the colossal uncertainty one is experiencing in one’s fertility journey.  So what shall we do? Shall we postpone our chances to conceive? All the fertility clinics are not currently seeing patients so now it is up to us to trust our innate strengths to create a conducive environment for conception to occur.  

Below are two simple techniques to help you ground. 

1.Solar plexus breathing

This is a wonderful exercise that you can practice to tune into your body and listen to our inner voice which will share with us the wisdom we are seeking.  One of our problems is that we are too fussy in our heads and we do not have down time to reflect and respond. So just try this simple technique of solar plexus breathing. Watch this video which will give you a visual demonstration of this tool or follow the below simple techniques

  1. Select quiet place where you will not be disturbed for five minutes.
  2. Sit down and feel the firmness of your chair and your feet anchored to mother earth.  
  3. On the middle of the palm where here is a natural indent is the solar plexus point.
  4. Using the thumb of your opposite hand gently press and count to five and breath in. If this feels uncomfortable then follow the natural rhythm of your breath. The key is to inhale whilst pressing gently on this point.
  5. Release your thumb and breath out if possible for the count of 5.
  6. Do this a few times on each hand.
  7. If you can engage in this practice for around 5 minutes.  
  8. You may want to close your eyes during this practice and tune into what your body needs.
  9. After this practice you may want to journal any thoughts and guidance.
  10. When you finish just shake your body and feel yourself coming back to the present. 


    Rescue Remedy

    The rescue remedy is a collection of five Bach Flower Remedies which is known as comfort in a bottle. It works instantly on any anxiety and trauma one is going through. These unprecedented times do call for taking the rescue remedy which is available to purchase online in , boots and Holland and Barret.  You can take four drops directly under your tongue or add them in a drink as often as you need to help you restore emotional balance.  

    1. Star of Bethlehem – to help with loss and shock
    2. Clematis – to be brought back to the present moment when the tendency is to day dream
    3. Cherry plum- helps with feelings of loss of control and when one can hurt someone else or oneself
    4. Impatient- to slow down and counteract feelings of rushing and hurrying things along
    5. Rock rose – to help calm extreme feelings of terror