We often seek for happiness and comfort outside which is not always where we will find it.  So today is all going within and connecting with our heart space first.


Just begin with placing both your hands on your heart and breathing in and out deeply.  If possible try and extend your exhalation so that you are breathing longer than your breathing in. By increasing your length of exhalation, you are actually inducing your body to a state of relaxation by activating your parasympathetic system.  Feel yourself being more and more relaxed as you are breathing in and out through your heart.


Gradually after a few moments when you feel ready you can place one hand on your lower abdomen, on your womb and feel that invisible connection between your heart and your and your womb.  You may want to imagine a figure of 8 connecting your womb and your heart.  Sink in deeper into this feeling and this wonderful connection. You may feel that there are some messages or some insights that this practise activates. So I would urge you if you can to journal and write a few words of inner guidance.