Gentle Touch Baby and Children Reflexology

After birth a woman goes through a lot in terms of emotions and physiological changes. Reflexology helps restore balance and harmony. Having a session after birth helps you talk about your experience, share your experience and give time to yourself. Reflexology can hep with breast-feeding issues and the anxiety around it. Also reflexology helps to recover from the effects of epidural and other medical intervention. Once the baby arrives the whole attention is upon this new life and a mother may feel isolated and overwhelmed. At this time Reflexology can be a great source of support when mother is going through distress due to her fluctuating hormones. This therapy helps mother relax and reduce her stress levels.

Baby reflexology is a wonderful way to bond with your child and help your baby feel better. It can be used to help with minor ailments such as colic, teething, unsettled baby and inability to sleep. Reflexology for your baby is a regular treat and a source of relaxation and well being. It can be taught to mother, father, grand parent to have quality time with baby.