Hand Reflexology

Hand reflexology is based on the theory that the entire body is mapped on the hands.  By applying different pressure on the hands it helps to rebalance the body.

I offer hand reflexology as a stand alone session for 25 minutes or in combination with foot reflexology for 55minutes.  It is a relaxing treatment and excellent for tired hands.  Most of the clients who come for hand reflexology are those who use their hands in their every day activities.  For examples it is beneficial for cleaners, hair dressers and gardeners.  When I combine it with foot reflexology I start with hand reflexology first, then I place your hands on warm mitts whilst I finish off with foot reflexology.

Hand reflexology is an excellent tool for aftercare advice.  I usually give my clients some home work to do once they have been for a session so that they can continue with their own self help.  I have created the below two videos which I hope you find useful