Maternity Reflexology


Pregnancy is one of the most special times for any women.  Carrying another soul in one’s body is one of the miracles of life.  Therefore it is key to look after yourself and consciously bring life into this creation.  Maternity reflexology is a relaxing treatment which helps you tune in with your baby and supports you going through this phase in your life.  I have received professional training in Susanne Enzer’s Maternity Reflexology Course – Presented by Jenni Grant.

Maternity reflexology can be used throughout your pregnancy.  With every passing moment your baby is developing and becoming ready to come into this world.  Through maternity reflexology you can relax deeply and connect with your baby.  

Reflexology helps to reduce stress and enhance wellbeing.  Maternity reflexology may help with common ailments that ones goes through pregnancy such as

• Feelings of tiredness

• Digestive problems

• Joint problems

• Inability to sleep

• Fluid retention

Towards the end of your pregnancy when it seems really hard to keep going on, maternity reflexology will help you feel revitalised.  It can also be used to help you with the anxiety and fear of child birth.  

As well as during pregnancy, maternity reflexology can also be used straight after your delivery.  It helps with the low mood and tiredness after the birth of your baby.

This is a great video that shows what a maternity reflexology session with me consists of.

This is a great video that shows the benefits of reflexology during pregnancy.

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