Metamorphic Technique


The Metamorphic Technique involves light touch on side of the client’s feet, hands and head. It is a practice that provides the space for the receiver’s innate life force to express itself in myriad of forms.

The environment provided is free of direction where you can just be. In that being, feelings of limitation can transform into feelings of new possibilities.

The giver’s intention is that of detachment which is key to this practice because all that happens is by the receiver’s inner force.

Just as a caterpillar develops into the butterfly, you can move out of your repetitive patterns into new disposition of more genuine embodiment of you are. This is a gradual development and is really effortless which is the characteristic of humans just being.

This technique is not used for specific conditions and the practitioner does not focus of removing energy blockages rather the space is provided where the receiver can experience its own life force in action. Therefore any change experienced is credited to the receiver and their innate intelligence.

This technique is suitable for everyone, including those going through pregnancy, illness, palliative care, generally for those going through a life transition, moving from one phase of their life to another.

The Metamorphic Technique is not a therapy, nor do I as practitioner treat symptoms or specific conditions. I offer an environment in which you can experience your own life force at work. As any changes originate from within you and you can also experience a sense of your own empowerment.

The session lasts for an hour and I also offer taster sessions for half an hour.   The frequency of the treatments is entirely in your hands and we will be guided by what feels right for you. Contact me to book a session and experience for yourself a session of the metamorphic technique.