Nerve Reflexology

Nerve reflexology is based on the classic reflexology theory that all body parts are presented as a reflex zones on the feet. In nerve reflexology there are points of the body represent as reflex point of a nerve or nerve structure. These points were developed by Ellen and Walter Froneberg who founded Manual Neuro Therapy as well Nerve Reflexology. Nerve reflexology was further expanded by their successor Norbert Gosch, Griet Rondel and Nico Pauly. These pioneers in nerve reflexology used pain clinical reasoning, assessment and treatment pattern which was based on contemporary research in pain physiology. The training Arty has received is science based which is based on evidence based practice supported on empirical findings.


A nerve reflexology session involve applying specific pressure on the periosteum of the foot bones. This has a reflective response to a nerve or nerve structure. It is the periosteum which contains nerve endings which react strongly to pressure and send signals the cerebral cortex. Therefore when you feel pain in a certain part of the body, it is neither the organ nor the muscular skeletal system that is sending the signals of pain, it is the nervous system. So through pressure on the nerve endings of the foot send signals of balance to the brain, which is what alleviates the feelings of pain. Nerve Reflexology helps with muscular pain through the normalization of tone and the visceral system is affected by normalization of the mobility and motility.