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Leading experts in the field of menstruality Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer bring together close to 40 years of expertise in this field – knowledge that is deeply rooted in their own lived experience (including healing from extreme menstrual problems for Alexandra) and the stories of countless women who have passed through their workshops, talks and therapy sessions or simply passing conversation.

“We have so much amazing and truly liberating information that we want to share. We’re really tired of the negative stereotyping of women and the menstrual cycle. Tired also of women having to fit into male models of self-care and personal and spiritual development, and concerned how this was and is compromising who we are and how we ‘do business’. It’s crucial now for women to celebrate our Ways and Practices to restore balance in our own lives as well as to our beleaguered planet.

Here at Red School we present a nuanced and original take on the cycle, that is both eminently practical and deeply soulful, equipping women for life today in all its complexity and challenge. We explore in great detail what is actually powerful about the power of the cycle and menstruation; and how the monthly dynamic of the cycle helps a woman to grow into and handle that power more and more congruently and cleanly”.

When you bring consciousness to bear on your cycle you open the gates to a new feminine cosmos…deeply affirming and wildly liberating.

The Red School approach:

1. Is based on the female developmental, initiatory model – the menstrual cycle – our process, our Way.

2. Brings together close to 40 years research through our own lived experience and the experience of the countless women we have worked with.

3. Is a living body of knowledge that evolves and deepens as you engage with it. And that’s why we love working with it so much because it’s endlessly rewards with attention.

4. Is process oriented: dynamic, relational and embodied, and therefore based in the feminine mode of working.

5. Has lots of great information, ways of structuring the material, and structured pathways by which to learn this information. Lets call it the masculine way.

6. Satisfies your intellect with great ideas while giving you great processes to nourish your heart, womb and soul.

Whether you’re looking to reduce stress and experience more vitality; heal menstrual problems; feel more productive, creative and in the flow of your life; want to experience amazing altered states of consciousness; discover your Calling and feel your life filled with meaning, or experience a spiritual practice custom made for you….you’ll find it all here at Red School.

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